Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nine Pebbles Nava Kankari (Bhar Char)

The game of Nine Pebbles is played on a board consisting of three concentric squares connected by lines from the middle of each of the inner square's sides to the middle of the corresponding outer square's side.
Pieces are played on the points where two or more lines meet or intersect, so there are 24 playable points. This is a two-player game and each player gets 9 coins of different colour.

Nine Pebbles game is the most popular board game in Pakistan and India.

How to play Navakankari (Bhar Char)

1)  Start application
  • Press Play Game for starting Nine Pebbles game
  • Press Themes for changing theme(Wood , Tile and Stone).
  • Press exit for end of app.

 2) Start Game 
3) Red Team In and out in Top one

4) Green Team In and out in Top 2nd

    Now i start to play game
Contents: Game board - 1
Pawns - 9 +9

Preparation and Objective:

The basic aim of a player is to make ‘Mills’ - vertical or horizontal lines of three coins of same colour. Every time this is achieved, an opponent's piece is removed, the overall objective is to reduce the number of opponent's coins to 'two' or to block all moves of the opponent thus rendering the opponent unable to play.

How to play: 1. To begin with the board is empty.

2. Coins(Pebbles or kankari) have to be placed only on intersections of lines . During a turn only one coin has to be played.

3. To begin with, players alternately place one of their
coins(Pebbles or kankari) on any unoccupied point on the board.

4. A player has to place a
Coins(Pebbles or kankari) such that he can make a 'Mill' or blocking the opponent from making a Mill.

5. A Mill is a formation of three coins of a player in a line either horizontally (Fig.1 & Fig.3) or vertically 


 6. After Put all Peces (Pebbles) of both team than you will move your pebbles by fingure touch like we shown in figure 4 in blow
Figure 4
7. Now if any team create more pears and kill there enemy pebbles than he will won the game and system show dialog message like Red or Green won the Game.

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